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EDPR enters into agreement with Lhyfe to develop renewable H2 production projects

EDP Renewables has entered into an industrial agreement with Lhyfe to jointly identify, develop, build and manage H2 projects in this business area.

Under said agreement, EDPR will supply renewable electricity to Lhyfe’s H2 generation projects. In addition, the two companies will identify opportunities for the co-development of projects, with EDPR’s shareholding potentially reaching up to 50% of the projects’ capital. The companies will also work together on R&D activities, new project development and equipment procurement.

This agreement envisages to create value, leveraging synergies from the complementary skills and capabilities of the two companies, boosting the growth of EDPR’s portfolio, especially in France, and contributing to the development of Lhyfe’s projects all around the world. It also contributes to achieve higher operational and commercial expertise in renewable H2 projects.

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO of EDP and EDP Renewables said, “We are pleased to have closed this important agreement with Lhyfe as part of its IPO. We believe that renewable hydrogen can complement the direct electrification as the best means for reducing CO2 emissions and achieving the decarbonization of the economy, including in the hard-to-electrify sectors. With this agreement with Lhyfe, we reinforce our commitment to the acceleration of the energy transition while also taking one step toward the achievement of our growth plans.”

Matthieu Guesné, founder and CEO of Lhyfe said, “We are very proud to conclude this agreement with one of the world’s largest renewable energy producers. The trust placed in us by EDPR allows us to confidently consider the development of our renewable hydrogen worldwide and on a large scale. We look forward to developing our future production sites alongside them, and to immediately decarbonizing local mobility and industrial uses, thanks to the pooling of our strengths.”