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GenCell partners with RedHawk Energy to deliver clean resilient backup power solutions

GenCell Energy and RedHawk Energy Systems LLC announced a strategic partnership to deliver GenCell’s ultrareliable, resilient, long-duration and zero-emission fuel cell backup power systems to support critical infrastructure requirements in the U.S. rail and other key industry sectors. RedHawk will be featuring GenCell’s backup power solutions at the 2022 RSSI C&S Exhibition, the U.S.’s premier show in the rail and rail transit, communications and signal industry being held in Kansas City, MO from May 16-18.

With the U.S. administration encouraging the accelerated transition to clean energy resources and climate concerns challenging critical industries and services to reinforce the resilience of their power facilities in the event of increasing frequent and severe weather incidents that increase the risk of power outages, private and public service providers across the U.S. are growing the demand for innovative energy technologies to meet these seemingly contradictory challenges. Faced with the tough job of keeping trains moving 24/7 or risking financial losses and customer churn, railroads and transit agencies have especially low tolerance for power interruptions.

Since the early 1980’s RedHawk Energy has helped commercial and industrial customers tackle their critical prime and back-up power challenges with innovative solutions supporting diverse power loads. With rich experience in design, engineering and deployment of a broad variety of alternative energy systems from solar and wind to sophisticated ultracapacitors to power different applications, and with particular focus on rail signaling and communications, RedHawk recognizes the unique value of GenCell’s solutions for its customer base.

The partners have joined forces to meet the needs of rail and other industries requiring uninterrupted power for the continuous operations of their signal & communications equipment. Incorporating comprehensive operational intelligence software and enabling extended runtime and compliance with sustainability targets while requiring minimal maintenance and support, GenCell’s product portfolio offers RedHawk customers an attractive value proposition at a cost comparable or less than that of pollutant diesel alternatives.

“We’re excited to join forces with GenCell Energy to promote and supply their innovative alkaline fuel cells,” said Matt Ulrich, Technical Sales Manager, RedHawk Energy. “We feel that GenCell’s fuel cells powered by hydrogen and/or ammonia fit nicely into our existing alternative energy portfolio and give our customers a new option to meet their critical prime and backup power requirements as well as support their sustainability initiatives.”

Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell, said “We are most enthusiastic to work with RedHawk Energy Systems and to demonstrate the value of our technologies to their strong customer base including virtually every Class 1 railroad in North America, shortline railroads, midstream, upstream and downstream oil & gas companies, telecommunication companies, shipping companies, government agencies and many Fortune 500 & 1000 corporations. We appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with RedHawk’s experienced engineering team, to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues facing U.S. railroads and transit agencies and to increase our brand exposure and install base in these key industry sectors and regions in the United States.”