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HOERBIGER expands its H2 research center at the Vienna site

The demand for CO2-neutral energy is increasing. H2 will therefore become increasingly important for both industrial and consumer applications in the future. The compression of H2 is technically challenging due to the gas properties and the high pressures required. HOERBIGER has decades of experience in H2 compression and is supporting the energy transition with its new H2 research center in Vienna.

“With hydrogen, industry can significantly reduce its CO2 emissions and make an important contribution to reducing its ecological footprint,” said Wolfgang Sautter, member of the Executive Board and CEO of the Compression Division at HOERBIGER. “At the same time, hydrogen provides an attractive growth market for innovative companies with a high level of solution expertise.”

Sautter sees a “rapid development in the entire industry in the direction of renewable energies.” More and more chemical companies are planning to make greater use of green H2 to manufacture their products with lower CO2 emissions. In the mobility market, it is also expected that a large proportion of commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses will increasingly require compressed H2 – and this is where HOERBIGER can help, according to Wolfgang Sautter.

H2 compression requires expert knowledge – and compressors

Compressing H2 for these applications is complex and costly. Compression systems must meet clear requirements from customers such as H2 filling station operators, who require high reliability and flexibility, but also cost efficiency at initial investment and operation.

Most H2 applications outside refineries, which are currently the dominant field of H2 use, require oil-free compression at high pressures of up to about 1,000 bar. Conditions like this challenge the entire industry to develop new and innovative solutions.

“HOERBIGER is already intensively researching innovative solutions and new products for the use of high-pressure reciprocating compressors in various applications,” said Dr. Markus Digruber, Head of Innovation and Business Development Compression Division at HOERBIGER. “To facilitate this work, we have expanded our Hydrogen Research Center in Vienna with our own high-pressure hydrogen test stand and put it into operation within just a few months. This addition allows us to evaluate and optimize our products under real conditions.”

The high-pressure H2 test stand of the HOERBIGER Hydrogen Research Center was opened by HOERBIGER Executive Board on April 21, 2022. It is the next important step in the company’s journey to becoming a solution provider for H2 compressors, with linked service.