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Sumitomo Corporation, Promigas enter agreement to accelerate H2 mobility in Colombia

Sumitomo Corporation and Promigas announced their intent to collaborate on the development of H2 mobility solutions in Colombia. The purpose of this agreement is to establish a collaboration between the two companies to assess the opportunities related to H2 mobility within the Colombian marketplace. This includes studying and analyzing the market for developing a Proof of Concept, and then analyzing the potential of a commercially viable solution for the transportation and logistics sectors within the country.

"We are excited to begin this collaboration with Promigas, a widely-respected company and trusted partner within the energy industry," said Takahiro Saito, President, Sumitomo Corporation Andes. "I believe that Sumitomo's vast global network and resources, paired with Promigas' operational excellence and local knowledge, will make this collaboration a success."

"It is an honor to join forces with a global organization so rich in history, values and experience," said Mr. Juan Manuel Rojas Payán, President, Promigas. "Hydrogen is leading the revolution in mobility transformation, and our combined experience brings the right kind of resources together to create real, scalable solutions for the future mobility industry in Colombia, and even beyond."

Sumitomo Corporation in the Americas has emerged as a strong supporter of H2 technology, especially in the mobility space. Last year, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas invested in OneH2, a H2 production and distribution company providing fuel for immediate use, primarily for forklifts, throughout the U.S.

The company also joined the Japanese H2 Forum, which is comprised of a group of leading Japanese affiliated companies with hydrogen businesses in the U.S. that are intent on providing the latest information regarding technology and policy in H2 energy sectors, including state-of-art integrated H2 solutions to support the adoption from governments throughout the country. Promigas has a proven track-record connecting markets in Peru and Colombia to stable energy sources and generating value through responsible environmental management.

Experience aside, both companies are rooted in values that go beyond business objectives and share the same vision of enriching society through sustainable development.