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AGC Chemicals Americas improves fuel cell vehicle performance

AGC Chemicals Americas introduces two FORBLUE i-SERIES ionomer dispersion grades that help boost the power and durability of H2 fuel cells in fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). These grades are perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer dispersions in an aqueous media of alcohol and water.

AGC’s FORBLUE product family includes unique, eco-friendly solutions for separating various chemicals. FORBLUE i-SERIES grade IC100 is designed to boost an electrode’s resistance to cracking. It forms and maintains a robust catalyst layer, even after long-term operation. FORBLUE i-SERIES grade IC154 is designed to improve electrode performance. It has a higher ion exchange capacity than IC100.

Because FORBLUE i-SERIES grades increase proton conductivity and chemical and mechanical stability in the fuel cell system, they enable FCVs to have a greater energy output and more reliable long-term operation compared to competitive ionomer dispersions.