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Baker Hughes and Woodside Energy to collaborate on H2 compression technology

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, and Woodside Energy announced that they have entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore potential business arrangements and initiatives that may have the potential to support Woodside’s climate strategy or its customers’ chosen decarbonization pathways.

The MoU seeks to identify projects for potential collaboration between the two companies including potential projects in Australia, Asia and the U.S., subject to any necessary third-party approvals. Baker Hughes will explore how its portfolio of solutions have the potential to support Woodside’s climate strategy including:

  • Lower-carbon solutions including H2, ammonia-fueled, hybrid and fully electric solutions, as well as NET Power’s technology
  • Emissions detection, measurement and abatement solutions
  • Carbon capture and storage solutions, including CO2 compression, offshore flexible flowline technology, and chemical products and solutions such as corrosion inhibitors
  • H2 compression, liquefaction and transportation.

“Collaborations provide a pathway to help solve the challenges we face in our industry today and into the future,” said Daniel Kalms, executive vice president of Technical Services for Woodside Energy. “We look forward to working with Baker Hughes to identify technology solutions that could have the potential to support Woodside’s climate strategy.”

“A full range of technologies and solutions are needed to help the energy industry and hard-to-abate sectors to reduce emissions without sacrificing operational excellence,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes. “Collaboration is key to making progress toward emissions reductions goals in the energy transition, and we are pleased to be working alongside our long-time customer Woodside to help them further their own climate change strategy to advance their impressive efforts."

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