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Ma’aden exports blue ammonia to China’s Shenghong Petrochemicals

Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden), announces that it has exported its first shipments of low-carbon blue ammonia to China, in a significant milestone for the company’s journey as a green leader, as it helps key markets across the globe to reduce carbon emissions from supply chains.

Ma’aden signed an agreement to supply 25,000 tons of blue ammonia to Shenghong Petrochemicals, a leading petrochemical producer in China and globally. Today, Ma’aden’s first shipment to Shenghong Petrochemicals left Ras Al Khair port, where it will play a role in reducing carbon emissions of industrial raw materials.

Ma’aden is the world’s largest exporter of blue ammonia, having received certification to produce it in 2022. Ma’aden is shipping over 138,000 tons of blue ammonia products to the world’s largest markets including Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand and the European Union, establishing a major footprint in global efforts to green industrial value chains.

Ma’aden’s investment in blue ammonia is helping to cut emissions of an essential component in global industrial supply chains, used widely in fertilizer and food production, industrial sectors, and petrochemicals. Ma’aden’s ambitious program of exports signals Saudi Arabia’s growing activity in global critical minerals value chains, in line with the country’s Vision 2030 objectives to make mining and minerals the third pillar of the Kingdom’s economy.

Through investment in innovative and sustainable production methods such as blue ammonia, Ma’aden is helping to cut industrial carbon emissions and power the global energy transition. Sustainability is a core component of Ma’aden’s growth strategy, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality across the organization by 2050.