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Avid Solutions and Rockwell Automation collaborate to enhance green H2 production

Avis Solutions, a Gold Rockwell Automation System Integrator Partner specializing in process expertise and digitally-enabled solutions, has announced a collaboration with Rockwell Automation Inc., a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. Together, they aim to accelerate and optimize the production of green hydrogen (H2) for companies worldwide.

The collaboration between the industry leaders advances eco-friendly H2 manufacturing, streamlining processes and overcoming time and cost obstacles, while prioritizing emissions-free goals.

With digitally-enabled solutions and process knowledge, Avid Solutions specializes in delivering comprehensive green H2 solutions for industrial producers. Services encompassing H2 liquefaction and turnkey plant automation ensure seamless integration of Rockwell Automation's technologies. As a Gold System Integrator partner in Rockwell Automation’s PartnerNetwork™ program, Avid Solutions possesses extensive knowledge of the portfolio, ensuring seamless integration of Rockwell Automation technologies.

“We are seeing many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), process licensors and producers entering the green H2 economy. They need expertise to scale, as well as speed to market entry,” said Tom O’Reilly, Vice President, Sustainability, Rockwell Automation. “With more than three decades of expertise in the process industries and helping OEMs scale, Avid Solutions is uniquely suited to help new green H2 clients implement best-in-class technology and ensure their business needs are met.”

Having previously collaborated on a variety of projects, Avid Solutions and Rockwell Automation have a track record of successfully supporting electrolyzer OEMs, H2 liquefaction licensors, licensors of long-duration energy storage (LDEH), and compressor OEMs in ensuring optimal and consistent outcomes. The two companies also assisted a leading supplier of green H2 solutions to reduce project risk, integrate new technologies and overcome obstacles related to implementing OT.

The emergence of the H2 economy has allowed for unprecedented growth and developments in industrial manufacturing, power generation, mobility and the broader societal response to climate change challenges. To capitalize on these opportunities, producers require the expertise of seasoned partners that can effectively apply advanced technologies, navigate complex project execution and adeptly manage associated risks.

“Clients developing green H2 projects face many challenges. From compressed schedules to meet incentives, new processes, initial feasibility and budgeting, to project execution, producers and OEM providers need an experienced partner to rely on,” said Gordon Bordelon, Vice President, Operations and Technology, Avid Solutions. “By leveraging Avid’s experience in Green H2, plant operations across multiple industries, OEM solutions, and our use of off-the-shelf technologies, we’re helping clients reduce time to market, CAPEX as well as OPOX investments, and overall project risk.”