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Air Liquide and Trillium to collaborate on heavy-duty hydrogen fueling market

Air Liquide and Trillium Energy Solutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pursue the development of the heavy-duty H2 fueling market in the U.S. This significant collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in accelerating the decarbonization of the transportation sector while bolstering the H2 mobility market.

The partners aim to accelerate the heavy-duty H2 transportation ecosystem by focusing on H2 supply and refueling infrastructure. Air Liquide will work alongside Trillium Energy Solutions to establish the H2 refueling infrastructure and fuel supply network vital for the broad adoption of heavy-duty H2 truck applications.

This partnership will explore the deployment of an extensive H2 retail network, starting with the initial deployment of H2 stations along a strategic trucking route. This initiative aims to bolster truck original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) efforts to accelerate their vehicle deployments and assist fleet operators in transitioning to low-carbon and zero-emission vehicles. The ambition through this partnership is to initially support the development of 150 tpd of H2 production and the refueling infrastructure capable of supplying more than 2,000 heavy-duty vehicles.

Through this collaboration, Air Liquide and Trillium will combine their strengths in H2 production, distribution and fueling infrastructure deployment. Leveraging its 60-yr track record in the H2 value chain, Air Liquide will contribute its unique expertise in crucial technology facets such as production, liquefaction, transportation, and storage. Trillium will offer its extensive proficiency in operating and managing alternative fueling stations, as well as its nationwide infrastructure footprint to deploy a H2 network for retail consumers.

Katie Ellet, President, H2 Energy and Mobility, North America, said, “Air Liquide is proud to join forces with Trillium in decarbonizing the mobility market. By combining our expertise and resources, we are poised to drive the widespread adoption of H2 as a scalable solution in decarbonizing transportation, particularly in the heavy-duty sector. Together, we are unlocking the potential of H2 to revolutionize the way we power our vehicles, paving the way towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future.”

Ryan Erickson, VP of Trillium Energy Solutions, said, "At Trillium, we are committed to providing reliable and sustainable fueling solutions, adding a particular focus on advancing H2 as a key component to the zero-emissions mobility market. Trillium is a leading provider of heavy-duty H2 fueling stations and through our collaboration with Air Liquide we can make a significant stride towards accelerating the development of H2 infrastructure across the U.S.”