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Cipher Neutron and FuelPositive partner for multiple AEM electrolyzer orders

Cipher Neutron has received Fuel Positive’s first purchase order for its unique anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer technology. Cipher Neutron’s green H2 AEM electrolyzers and reversible fuel cell technology can produce H2 without using any platinum group metals (PGMs), including platinum, iridium and ruthenium. This makes CN AEM electrolyzers one of the most affordable and sustainable solutions available commercially to produce high-volume and high-pressure green H2.

Cipher Neutron’s reversible fuel cells technology can be operated bi-directionally to generate electricity from H2 and H2 from water. Cipher Neutron’s reversible fuel cells offer a compelling alternative to conventional storage options like batteries, eliminating the need for frequent recharging and reducing long-term maintenance expenses.

Cipher Neutron’s commercial technology, now available worldwide, is attracting interest from both strategic investors and end-users of the most efficient electrolysers in multi-megawatt (MW) and gigawatt projects across the globe. Fuel Positive is manufacturing modular, containerized green ammonia production systems, with its first commercial system, the FP-300, capable of producing 100 tpy of green ammonia onsite.

Fuel Positive has selected CN AEM green H2 electrolyzer technology as one of the most innovative and sustainable green H2 solutions in the world today. Upon successful testing and benchmarking by Fuel Positive, the Cipher Neutron AEM technology will be used to make green H2 to produce green ammonia in their commercial systems.

A Fuel Positive FP300 system can produce up to 300 kg/d of green ammonia, which requires 30 Nm3 of H2 produced by the AEM electrolyzer stacks. Fuel Positive plans to manufacture thirty (30) FP300 systems over the next 12 mos–18 mos. Fuel Positive’s integration of Cipher Neutron’s electrolyzers for thirty FP300 systems, would equate to 4.5 MW of commercial deployment of AEM electrolyzer stacks.

Ian Clifford, FuelPositive’s Chief Executive Officer and Chair said, “We are very excited to work with Canadian green H2 innovator and manufacturer Cipher Neutron. FuelPositive is testing and benchmarking green H2 technologies worldwide for our systems. We were happily surprised to find out that one of the most promising and impressive green H2 technologies was here, right in our neighborhood. Teaming up with Canadian technology companies and supporting the Canadian economy as we build our green ammonia solutions aligns with our mission as a company. If everything works out as expected, we hope this is the first of many transactions with Cipher Neutron.”

Nelson Leite, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Fuel Positive said, “Cipher Neutron’s AEM green H2 electrolyzer Technology has the potential to be an essential component in operating our FP300 systems and beyond. Fuel Positive has built a world-class technology and manufacturing team, and this alliance positions the Company for accelerated growth. Fuel Positive has successfully operated our core technology within our first pilot system.”

Gurjant Randhawa, M.Eng., P.Eng., President and CEO of Cipher Neutron said, “Cipher Neutron supports Fuel Positive in their commercialization of green ammonia. We are eager to work with Fuel Positive toward successfully integrating our AEM technology into their systems. Cipher Neutron and Fuel Positive share an understanding of the imperatives around global food security and sustainability and a desire to make conscious choices toward a sustainable future in agriculture and other critical sectors. Fuel Positive’s green ammonia system and business model stand alone, reframing the status quo of a multi-billion-dollar commodity industry. Cipher Neutron is excited to be part of this journey.”