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Oxford Flow expands its product range and grows market potential with new high- and low-pressure pilots

Oxford Flow, the flow control equipment specialist, is launching two new pilots – designed for use in high- and low-pressure environments – following customer feedback while adapting to market demand in gas distribution networks (GDNs).

In a gas distribution network, gas regulators play a crucial role in managing and maintaining appropriate pressure levels throughout the system, with the pilot serving as the control mechanism that helps to ensure consistent output. Designed for use with Oxford Flow’s H2-ready IM series gas regulators, the new high- and low-pressure pilots will expand Oxford Flow’s market potential and offer the GDN operator a solution that can be used throughout its system, with differing pilots in each pressure area.

Faris Churcher, Oxford Flow's Business Lead for Gas & Energy Transition said, “Our IM series gas regulators are already suitable for use in high and intermediate pressure environments, which makes up a large proportion of the gas network and by developing new pilots we can significantly expand the options available to our clients.

“GDNs often need to operate with the energy transition at front of mind. So, providing products that they know they can trust and have been designed with applications like H2 at the fore, means GDNs can feel confident that when they work with Oxford Flow, they are future proofing their systems for the long term. Like our ES and IM series regulators, our pilots have a minimum service interval of five years.”

Developed by Oxford Flow’s highly experienced engineering and innovation team, housed in its facilities in Oxford, UK, the PRX2H high-pressure pilot is now ready to be deployed to customers with the PRX2L low-pressure pilot due to be released to the market in early 2024.

Matt Collins, Head of Innovation at Oxford Flow said, “Our engineering team here at Oxford Flow is second to none. With a breadth of experience spanning energy, Formula One and aerospace, we have built a team that is committed to developing innovative products that outperform those currently on the market. We have put a lot of work into developing solutions like our H2-ready IM series gas regulators and zero emission ES control valves, that are unique, stand out solutions.

“We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges with existing technology and we utilize our experience and capability in house to provide solutions. As a result, while designed for optimal performance with our IM series gas regulators, we can also support networks by providing replacement pilots for use on existing regulators.”

The new range of pilots includes: PRX2L low pressure reducing pilot (13mbar – 1.2 bar); PRX2 pressure reducing pilot (0.5-25 bar); PRX2H high pressure reducing pilot (17-70 bar); and PSX1 pressure sustaining/creep relief pilot (0.5-22 bar).