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Viritech launches H2 refueling solution

Viritech, a developer of H2 powertrain solutions, launched its new refueling product, H2 Fill. In common with all Viritech products, H2 Fill has been designed to offer a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of H2 powertrain applications. 

One of the key benefits of H2 vehicles over battery-powered vehicles is their faster refueling times. However, H2 pressure vessels operate at very high pressures, and often, vehicles have multiple pressure vessels, requiring accurate control of the refueling process. In compliance with SAE J2799, H2 Fill automatically communicates with the refueling station, and is capable of monitoring multiple vessels for temperatures and pressure during the refueling cycle.

In terms of its technical specification, H2 Fill communicates via IR (Infra-Red), using the IrDA protocol (as per the SAE J2799 standard), and can also be supplied without an IR sensor for applications where a sensor is already pre-installed. Viritech can also assist customers with vehicle integration of H2 Fill.

Phil Wild, CEO of Viritech, said, “We are delighted to launch H2 Fill today, which embodies two core aspects of Viritech’s approach to delivering industry-leading H2 powertrain technologies.

“Firstly, H2 Fill has been designed to provide a solution to a clearly identified customer need. H2 Fill has also been designed to be offered as a stand-alone product or to be used as part of a fully integrated Viritech powertrain solution. This is consistent with Viritech’s commitment to provide enabling powertrain technologies, as well as support to OEMs and Tier-1s in their transition to H2-powered vehicles.”