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TES and Toho Gas collaborate for eNG value chain

TES, a global green energy company that produces electric natural gas (eNG) derived from green H2, widely referred to as eMethane in Japan, and Toho Gas are pleased to announce that both companies have signed a comprehensive agreement to explore the development of an eNG supply chain in order to support Japan’s decarbonization goals.

eNG is synthetic methane produced from non-fossil fuel energy sources such as green H2. Because it can utilize existing city gas infrastructure and consumer appliances, it is expected to be a fuel that will help smooth the transition to carbon neutrality and reduce additional social costs in Japan.

As part of this collaboration, both companies will work together to raise awareness of eNG and design systems such as CO₂ counting rules and financial support as well as the early implementation of eNG in society, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Marco Alverá, CEO of TES said, “We are proud to partner with Toho Gas, a company who shares our ambition of accelerating the energy transition and recognizes eNG as a tool for achieving this goal. Current climate targets can only be met with equally ambitious new energy projects, and close collaboration is essential to develop the necessary regulatory framework to facilitate this. We are delighted to work alongside Toho Gas to deliver green, affordable energy across all industries.”