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Nuvera Fuel Cells joins EU-funded maritime decarbonization initiative

Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC announces its participation in the APOLO project. This initiative, funded by the European Union, is dedicated to leveraging fuel cells and other power conversion technologies to decarbonize maritime transportation. Nuvera will provide an EN-125 engine to operate on H2 derived from ammonia, which is emerging as a key zero-carbon fuel in the maritime sector that can be produced renewably.

Launched at the beginning of 2024, the twelve-member APOLO consortium aims to tackle the challenges of power conversion from ammonia and develop an efficient and flexible ammonia cracking technology. This innovative technology will be coupled with fuel cells to enable the decarbonization of maritime applications. The technologies developed for the project will be capable of serving the estimated 30,000 ships with 1 MW−10 MW propulsion in operation.

“Nuvera’s involvement in the APOLO Project underscores our dedication to contributing to maritime decarbonization efforts and reflects industry confidence in the potential of fuel cells to provide zero-emissions propulsion or auxiliary power,” said Giampaolo Sibilia, Director of Nuvera EU operations. “The APOLO consortium is backed by the European Union and combines the expertise of a dozen partners from around the world to develop innovative power conversion solutions. We are proud that Nuvera’s 125-kW fuel cell engines are considered among the most promising technologies.”