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U.S. DOE selects SSAB for fossil-free direct reduced iron with 100% green H2

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Hy Stor Energy partner, SSAB, to enter federal funding negotiations for potential construction of a manufacturing facility capable of producing HYBRIT fossil-free direct reduced iron (DRI) with 100% green H2, in Perry County, Mississippi. Under an exclusive LoI, Hy Stor Energy has agreed to supply SSAB with zero-carbon renewable H2 from its Mississippi Clean H2 Hub (MCHH) in a direct offtake partnership.

The potential decarbonization project, led by SSAB, would bring the ironmaking technology of a global leader in green H2-based steel production to the U.S. Hy Stor Energy’s MCHH uniquely couples onsite, off-grid renewable H2 production and underground salt cavern storage to deliver 24/7, dispatchable renewable energy and long-duration energy storage that will enable continuous operation of SSAB’s project.

“Today’s announcement marks a milestone in U.S. DOE and industry progress and validates green H2’s role in deep industrial decarbonization. We applaud the U.S. DOE for its bold leadership and SSAB for its continued aligned partnership,” said Laura L Luce, CEO and Founder. “The time for action is now and as industry first-movers we purposely seek out like-minded commercial partners and customers who, like us, are making the investment today to catalyze industry-wide transformation.”

The DOE announcement recognizes that the potential project could enhance SSAB Americas’ market-leading sustainability position, expand the Company’s product portfolio, and bring innovative jobs and new technologies to the state of Mississippi.

“SSAB is excited about the prospect of collaborating with the Department of Energy and Hy Stor Energy on this potential project. This represents a tremendous opportunity for our companies to contribute to America’s clean energy future. The environmental and community benefits associated with the SSAB and Hy Stor Energy collaboration to utilize green H2 and renewable energy align with our shared mission and values. We are optimistic and excited about the unlimited potential of this value chain partnership,” said Chuck Schmitt, President SSAB Americas.