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DuPont demonstrates solutions for the hydrogen value chain

DuPont will participate at the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress & Exhibition 2024 (FCVC 2024), June 4th to 6th, Jiading, Shanghai. Organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA), the event aims to promote the integration and development of H2 energy and fuel cell vehicle technology, fostering mutual benefits for the industry.

DuPont will showcase its latest innovations at Booth No. B05 with its Vespel parts and shapes and MOLYKOTE specialty lubricants product lines, and how they help overcome challenges in various H2 applications. The widespread adoption of H2 as an alternative energy source has brought about a new set of requirements that differ from those of fossil fuels. The design of safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly processes for the production, conversion, transportation, and supply of H2 is critical.

"The exceptional and proven performance of Vespel polyimide parts and MOLYKOTE specialty lubricants from DuPont have been essential for our offering in the emerging H2 market. At the show, we look forward to discussing opportunities to collaborate with our customers for a low-carbon H2 future," said Zhang Xin, DuPont APAC business leader, MOLYKOTE and Vespel.

Vespel parts and shapes are the answer to the most stringent sealing requirements in H2 applications, thanks to their unique blend of thermal, mechanical, and tribological properties. Vespel features a low and consistent compressive modulus and high mechanical resistance, providing exceptional sealing across a variety of typical H2 conditions. Vespel parts and shapes have been chosen by H2 customers to make all kinds of valve seats and seals, actuator bushings, back up rings, piston and packing rings, labyrinth seals, and stem packings under harsh conditions.

The DuPont team will also highlight some applications of MOLYKOTE Specialty lubricant in H2 industry at the exhibition. MOLYKOTE HP-300 Grease is ideal to lubricate seals of valves used along H2 pipes, as its lubrication capability and inertness against H2 reduce the risk of leakages caused by improper manufacturing or assembly. The high wearing resistance and low COF features of MOLYKOTE Anti-Friction Coating supports air foil bearings of fuel cell electric air turbo compressor to achieve extremely high speed but also high reliability and durability due to extremely low frictional losses during the start-stop cycles.