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Fusion Fuel secures 100-kW electrolyzer contract for hospital in Iberia

Fusion Fuel has signed a 100-kW electrolyzer supply contract for a hospital client in Iberia. The hospital intends to capture the green oxygen created as a byproduct of the electrolysis process for medical applications and to use the green H2 generated to produce emissions-free power for the facility. The project also includes an R&D workstream aimed at developing and testing new materials for the Gas Diffusion Layer and Porous Transport Layer within Fusion Fuel’s HEVO micro-electrolyzer technology. The company expects the R&D engagement to contribute additional technology and equipment supply revenue beyond the initial 100-kW system. The project reflects Fusion Fuel’s commitment to developing and delivering innovative solutions that help our customers realize their clean energy goals.

Frederico Figueira de Chaves, Fusion Fuel’s CEO, said, “We are delighted to announce the signing of this contract, which also marks our initial inroads into a new industry segment as the end-user is a hospital in Iberia. It's also interesting to note that the primary driver of this opportunity is to secure the supply of medical-grade green oxygen for use at the facility. We are thrilled to add a second project utilizing our oxygen capture system, first piloted at our project for a cement client earlier this year. This technology provides a unique way for industrial and medical customers to produce efficient and environmentally friendly green H2, while also creating a cost-effective way to capture high-purity green oxygen.”