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Schaeffler showcases advancements for commercializing H2 electrolyzers and fuel cells

Schaeffler is showcasing its work in the field of H2 electrolyzers and fuel cells and its progress toward the commercialization of green H2 at the Hydrogen Americas 2024 Summit and Exhibition in Washington, D.C. Leveraging its extensive history of innovation and technical expertise, Schaeffler aims to propel the development and application of H2 technology as the company reaffirms its dedication to sustainable real-world solutions and decarbonization.

Schaeffler fuel cell stack module.

With a robust foundation built upon decades of expertise in precision engineering and manufacturing, Schaeffler is uniquely positioned to help lead the widespread adoption of H2 technology. Schaeffler’s core competencies – honed through its bearings production that requires exact tolerances in engine, transmission and industrial component manufacturing, along with its team of scientists, technology labs and strategic acquisitions of H2-focused technology companies – equip it to deliver the products and technologies needed to scale the market. Schaeffler’s mastery of cold forming, stamping, coating, sealing and assembly technologies positions the motion technology company as an important player in the construction of electrolyzer and fuel cell stacks.

“As we stand at the cusp of a transformative era, Schaeffler is exceptionally well-positioned to drive the application of H2 technology forward,” said Jeff Hemphill, Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler Americas. “Its versatility, abundance, and minimal environmental impact make H2 a compelling alternative to conventional fossil fuels, offering a pathway toward a more sustainable future.”