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PLIDCO launches new line of H2-compatible fittings

PLIDCO introduced a new range of products for use with H2 pipelines in response to the emerging transition toward H2 and other alternative energy sources.

Designed for onshore and subsea high-pressure emergency pipeline repairs and routine pipeline maintenance applications, PLIDCO’s products are ideal for H2, oil, gas, water, chemical, steam, slurry and other piping systems. Its high-pressure fittings are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, following ASME/ANSI codes and adhering to a strict quality control program.

“As the shift toward a H2-based energy system gains traction, we anticipate an emerging need for pipeline maintenance and repair products that meet the specific standards required for H2 pipelines,” said Ernie Lackner, PLIDCO’s director of sales and marketing. “For 75 years, PLIDCO has been the trusted source for pipeline fittings and maintenance products used around the globe. While energy sources and technologies have evolved, PLIDCO’s products consistently provide high-quality, dependable fittings to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.”

PLIDCO maintains an inventory of fittings that are compatible for use with H2 pipelines, allowing customers to stop leaks without shutdown or welding in onshore and subsea environments. Each of its H2-approved products meets U.S. quality standards and has distinctive green markings to easily differentiate them, helping to ensure a mistake-proof repair.