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ENGIE reaches the first milestone in its goal of building 700 km of H2 transport

mosaHYc is a ~90 km cross-border H2 pipeline project with Germany. It represents a total investment of €110 MM, of which €40 MM will be borne by GRTgaz.

GRTgaz, an independent subsidiary of the ENGIE group, is managing the French section of this project (50 km, of which 45 km will be converted pipeline located in the Moselle region), and CREOS Deutschland will be developing the German section (in Saarland) – some 40 km. It will interconnect the towns of Völklingen, Perl (Saarland), Bouzonville, Carling and Saint Avold (Moselle).

The first client will be the Saarland-based steelmaking site in Dillingen operated by RoheisenGessellscha Saar SHS (Stahl Holding Saar group), in Germany. The final investment decision enables the launch of the administrative authorizations phase, followed by the construction and network conversion phase, with commissioning scheduled for 2027.

The mosaHYc project will contribute to these regions' economic and industrial appeal, while at the same time helping them to meet their decarbonization targets for industry and mobility.

"The mosaHYc project has a strategic value as the first Franco-German link, paving the way for the development of a wider European H2 network. This project will accelerate the development of a renewable, low-carbon H2 market in Europe. It also contributes to our goal of 700 km of H2-dedicated transport networks by 2030," said Cécile Prévieu, ENGIE Executive Vice President in charge of Networks activities.