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Green ammonia in the energy transition—the opportunities and challenges

Tune in to H2TechTalk, the leading sustainable podcast, as we delve into the world of green ammonia in the energy transition. Explore its potential as a carbon-free H2 carrier and fuel source, along with the challenges it presents. From its role in renewable energy transportation to its storage benefits and impact on the energy landscape, we dissect the opportunities and obstacles. Join us for expert insights and discussions on how green ammonia could shape the future of the global H2 sector, all while navigating the complex journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. Don't miss out – share and subscribe now!

How digital is driving the H2 energy transition

In this episode, explore how digital technologies are driving the H2 energy transition, revolutionizing production, storage, and transportation processes. As the demand for H2 grows and green power sources take center stage, digital solutions play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and reliability across the entire value chain. From dynamic event-driven modeling to adaptive process control, learn how cutting-edge digital tools help companies optimize operations, minimize risks, and make better investment decisions. Join the conversation and unlock the potential of the global hydrogen economy with H2TechTalk.

A case for online continuous performance monitoring

As part of a debottlenecking procedure, a refinery in Oklahoma (U.S.) was interested in analyzing its H2 recycle compressor performance, thinking it may need rerating to improve plant capacity.

The significance of H2 collaborations and precise scheduling

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Kevin Lawlor, SVP of Engineering for Ambient Fuels. The conversation covered how H2 can be utilized in the aviation sector, the disconnects between investor expectations and realistic project timelines and the importance of collaborations in the growing H2 economy.

Exploring the role of green H2 in sustainable manufacturing

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Sanjay Shrestha, CSO of Plug Power, about green H2 in glass manufacturing and aluminum recycling, decarbonizing the steel industry and Plug's green H2 production plants in Finland.

Organic waste-to-H2: Processing various feedstocks for H2 production

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, about Raven's organic waste-to-H2 project, its Steam/CO2 Reforming H2 production process versus steam methane reforming, the various feedstocks Raven's technology can process and fuels it can produce.

Overcoming challenges in uniting companies for H2 hubs

Guidehouse is a consulting firm that serves various industries. In this episode, H2Tech sat down with Lisa Frantzis, Partner at Guidehouse, to discuss the company's Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure practice. The discussion covers the challenges in uniting various companies to form H2 hubs, suitable locations for H2 hubs and the U.S. Department of Energy's funding criteria.

Bridging the gap between renewable energy and green H2 projects

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Dr. Richard Lu, CEO of Solarbank, about how the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act will impact the U.S. economy, solar and wind projects, decarbonizing transportation and coordinating green H2 and renewable energy projects.

Green power-to-ammonia plant operating in highly dynamic mode

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Martin Petersen, Head of Sales in Denmark for ABB. The conversation covered the development of its dynamic green power-to-ammonia plant alongside Danish companies Skovgaard Energy, Vestas and Haldor Topsoe in Lemvig and the benefits of operating a dynamic plant.

High-quality, low-risk energy transition to H2

Managing the energy transition to H2 requires considering the complex impact H2 can have on any pipeline network. For example, are pipeline staff able to reskill quickly enough to operate a pipeline transporting H2 blends? Can security of supply be maintained while also accommodating changes in demand?

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