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Supporting decarbonization by pipelining H2 to the point of use

Leveraging innovative point-of-use extraction and recovery technologies, innovative companies are bringing greater flexibility and scale to the delivery space by paving the way for H2 on tap. 


SPONSORED CONTENT: How H2 technologies are evolving to meet sustainability targets

H2Tech sat down with Narik Basmajian, Vice President-Hydrogen Product Line, Technip Energies to discuss the current state of the H2 economy, potential growth areas, the role of blue H2 in the global energy transition and how H2 technologies are evolving to meet future sustainability targets. 

Renewables richness, energy transition push Middle East, Africa to explore H2

This episode of H2TechTalk details several major hydrogen investments and initiatives taking place in the Middle East and Africa.

Next Hydrogen’s electrolyzers find target focus in heavy duty transportation

We begin 2022’s first podcast with a continued discussion on green hydrogen as we speak with Raveel Afzaal, CEO of Next Hydrogen, an OEM for alkaline electrolyzers. We discuss Next Hydrogen’s technological evolution to offer the benefits of PEM electrolyzers in a lower cost alkaline electrolysis system. We also talk about target markets for alkaline electrolyzers, applications focused on heavy duty transportation and Next Hydrogen’s partnerships and projects with Hyundai, Kia, and Canadian Tire. We close with a techno-economic view of future green hydrogen applications. 


The challenges of delivering a large-scale green H2 project

This episode of H2TechTalk is a reading of an article from our Q4 issue of H2Tech. This article, which focuses on the challenges of delivering a large-scale green H2 project, is authored by C. BILIYOK, M. CZARNECKI and A. DAR, Petrofac and S.J. GAULD, Infinite Blue Energy. 


Advances in electrolyzer technology

H2Tech sat down with Ted Stuart, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Strategy, Hydrogen Optimized. Stuart provides his insights on the electrolyzer market and advances in new electrolyzer technology. 

Digital technology accelerating innovation in the H2 industry

In this episode of H2TechTalk we speak with Ron Beck, Industry Marketing Director, AspenTech about how digitalization technology based around modeling solutions is accelerating the energy transition and making hydrogen technologies and applications economically competitive. We also focus on how data analytics and AI are solving some complex challenges in technology choice, safety, scale-up, and supply chain currently confronting the hydrogen economy. 

SPONSORED CONTENT: Challenges and benefits of optimizing compression systems in the H2 sector

H2Tech sat down with Thorsten Harder, Product Manager Hydrogen Mobility and Energy, Burckhardt Compression, to discuss the latest advancements in H2 compression technology, the role of compressor systems in H2 mobility and energy applications, challenges associated with high-pressure compression and optimizing this technology.


Conventional equipment and solutions adapting fast to meet the needs of the H2 industry

This episode of H2TechTalk features a discussion with Pavlos Papadopoulos, Market Development Manager, and Gary Wain, Product Marketing Manager, for Parker Hannifin, wherein we discuss filtration and instrumentation solutions that have increasing applications in the hydrogen industry.

Surging growth forecast for electrolyzer and low-carbon H2 market

On this week's episode of H2TechTalk, Martin Tengler, Lead Hydrogen Analyst at BloombergNEF, considers future growth prospects for the global low-carbon H2 market, which is anticipated to nearly double in size in 2021 alone. He also discusses the forecast rapid expansion in electrolyzer capacity over the following years, with much of this capacity coming from alkaline electrolyzer makers in China, and how this surge in Chinese manufacturing and surplus electrolyzer capacity will impact the H2 market. Finally, he touches on carbon pricing and how this can support H2 and other renewable energy development.

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