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ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies' proprietary catalysts: Revolutionizing H2 production

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Sanjiv Ratan, Director of Marketing and Technology for ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, about the company's proprietary catalysts and its benefits in SMR-based H2 production.

Empowering women in STEM: Insights at Gulf Energy Information's Women's Global Leadership Conference

In this episode, we sat with Kimberly Coomber-Hallum, Head of Work Place Services for the Americas at bp at Gulf Energy Information's Women's Global Leadership Conference in Energy. The discussion covered what being a woman in STEM means to Kimberly, the challenges of juggling family and business and mentoring young female professionals.

H2 and the energy transition: Financing, electrolyzers and supply chains

H2Tech sat down with Alex Habeder, Head of Business Strategy-Sustainable Energy Systems, Siemens Energy to discuss the global hydrogen landscape, including financing projects, Siemen Energy's JV with Air Liquide, electrolyzer developments, securing precious metals and rare Earth elements, and optimizing hydrogen supply chains. 

Unpacking the nuances of carbon intensity and subsidies

In this episode, we spoke with Clinton Johnson, Vice President of Process Engineering at S&B Engineers and Constructors live at the Global Syngas Conference. The conversation covered incentives and penalties shaping the clean energy subsidies landscape, how the IRA tax credits influence ammonia projects and low-emission natural gas and how it compares to renewable natural gas.

Unleashing H2 innovation: Solid oxide electrolysis and its decarbonization potential

In this episode of H2TechTalk, we dive into the world of solid oxide electrolysis technology with Jon Harman, the Technology Delivery Director for Ceres. Live at the Hydrogen Americas Summit in Washington DC, Jon discusses the potential of solid oxide electrolysis in decarbonizing industries such as steel and ammonia production. He sheds light on the advantages of high-temperature operation and the transformative impact this technology can have on sustainable H2 production. Learn how Ceres is looking to partner with the U.S. market and what the future holds for this innovative solution.

Revolutionizing heavy-duty mobility and fuel cell modules

In this episode, we're live at the Hydrogen Americas Summit, speaking with Tim Sasseen from Ballard Power Systems. With 44 years of experience, Ballard has been at the forefront of H2 technology, revolutionizing heavy-duty mobility and fuel cell modules for transit buses. Tim shares insights into their journey, their expansion into the U.S. market, and their vision for the future of the H2 economy. Discover how Ballard is driving sustainable solutions and contributing to the global transition towards renewable energy sources. Don't miss this informative discussion on the present and future of H2 innovation! Subscribe and stay connected with us on H2TechTalk.

Harnessing offshore wind power: A path to sustainable H2

Join us on H2TechTalk as we dive into the world of sustainable energy with our special guest, Per-Erik Holsten, a leading expert in energy industries and process automation at ABB. Discover how the UK is at the forefront of offshore wind resources, with the potential to produce massive amounts of green energy. Learn about groundbreaking projects that harness excess wind power to create green H2 and revolutionize the energy transition. Per-Erik shares his optimism for a greener and more sustainable world driven by innovative technology. Subscribe and stay connected to the future of H2 innovation and sustainable solutions.

Revolutionizing gas analysis with Bosch's optical gas spectrometer

Join us on H2TechTalk, the leading podcast for sustainable energy enthusiasts, as we delve into the technology behind Bosch's Optical Gas Spectrometer (OGS). In this episode, we sit down with Franziska Seitz, Product Manager, and Annika Reiser, Key Account Manager, from Robert Bosch GmbH to explore the OGS's role in revolutionizing the H2 industry. Discover how this device, based on Raman spectroscopy, provides real-time insights into gas composition, enabling precise control over various applications. Don't miss out on this exclusive look at Bosch's OGS, a game-changer in the world of H2 innovation. Subscribe now to stay connected with the latest in sustainable solutions!


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Exploring Clariant's catalysts for low-carbon ammonia production

In this episode, H2Tech met with Christoph Krinninger, Global Business Development Manager for Energy Transition at Clariant. Join us as we delve into the world of sustainable energy and discuss Clariant's role as a leading specialty chemicals company. Christoph provides an expert perspective on ammonia production, highlighting the critical differences between green and gray ammonia and their roles in the energy transition. Discover how Clariant's innovative wüstite-based AmoMax series catalysts contribute to low-carbon ammonia production.

Driving toward a greener horizon: The future of H2-powered trucking

Join us in this episode of H2TechTalk as we delve into the sustainable future of transportation with guest Andrey Zinovev, CEO of Ultra Motors. Discover how Ultra Motors is revolutionizing long-haul trucking by developing hybrid electric trucks fueled by H2 and other low-carbon solutions. Gain insights into the challenges and prospects of clean energy in the commercial transportation sector, and explore the potential for a carbon-neutral future.

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