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Haru Oni, e-fuels and the future of H2: A discussion with Siemens Energy's President, Richard Voorberg

H2Tech sat down with Richard Voorberg, President, North America, Siemens Energy, to discuss Siemens Energy's Haru Oni project in Chile, the future of e-fuels production and if they are economically viable, and the outlook for H2.

H2Tech July news brief: In case you missed it

In this episode of H2TechTalk, Tyler Campbell, Associate Editor of H2Tech, shares some of the top H2 news from July. This episode will get you up-to-date with the latest H2 news from Shell’s renewable hydrogen plant to bp and thyssenkrupp’s plan to decarbonize steel production.

Cracking the chicken-and-egg problem of large-scale H2 refueling networks

For the large-scale deployment of H2 fuel cell vehicles across the U.S. to be feasible, tens of thousands more H2 fueling stations are needed, and geographic coverage must drastically expand. This episode of H2TechTalk explores the possible solutions to this issue.

SaaS solutions for flexibility and sustainability in the industry

In this episode, our Technical Editor, Sumedha Sharma gets in conversation with Hans Claussen, Digital Lead, North Europe at ABB to talk about IT/OT convergence in the form of Software as a service (SaaS) to the industry. Like other industries, the evolving H2 industry is also witnessing an acceleration in applications deployment and growth with SaaS-based solutions. We discuss how SaaS solutions are offering flexibility while still driving sustainability in operations.

H2Tech May news brief: Updates on the H2 economy

In this episode of H2TechTalk, Tyler Campbell, Associate Editor of H2Tech, shares some of the top H2 news from May. From green ethylene production to a planned electrolyzer production facility, this episode will keep you in the loop on the happenings in the global H2 sector.

Choose the most effective components for H2 fuel cell vehicles

As part of the industry-wide drive to develop high-efficiency, low-emissions vehicles, manufacturers are investing significant revenue in H2 mobility and its related infrastructure. This episode of H2TechTalk explores creating easy-to-assemble H2 fuel cell systems capable of revolutionizing the transport industry.

Regional Report: Striving to net-zero: Europe bets big on H2 to decarbonize the region

Europe has and will continue to invest heavily in new H2 production and infrastructure capacity to combat GHG emissions. In this episode of H2TechTalk, Tyler Campbell, Associate Editor of H2Tech, will provide the latest initiatives and capital investments in Europe to boost H2 production.

The advantages of blue vs green H2 and how modeling tools are guiding business decisions in the H2 industry

In this episode of H2techTalk, we speak with Ron Beck, Senior Director of Industry Marketing, Aspen Technology, about the benefits of blue vs green H2 and we discuss how Aspen’s modeling tools are aiding technological decisions for businesses in selecting hydrogen technologies at both process and systems levels. We also talk about the role of modeling tools in evaluating the evolving hydrogen storage and transport technologies and the safety and reliability concerns surrounding them.

H2 developments across the globe

H2Tech Digital Editor Anthresia McWashington is sharing some of the top H2 news stories from the month of October on this week's episode of H2TechTalk. From the Port of Newcastle being considered to become a green H2 hub, to a Shell-led consortium pioneering a liquid H2 storage project, we’re catching up on the most recent H2 technology announcements across the globe. 

Industrial developments: What's new with H2

In this episode of H2TechTalk, Tyler Campbell, Associate Editor of H2Tech, is sharing some of the top H2 news from the past few weeks. Beginning with the developments at the H2 plant at Rotterdam, to Mitsubishi Power and HydrogenPro’s electrolyzer deal, this episode will get you up to date on the latest news in the H2 sector. 

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