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Gaseous vs. liquid H2: Transportation, storage and liquefaction

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Sanjay Shrestha, CSO of Plug Power, about the benefits of liquefaction. The discussion covers the advantages of Plug’s liquefaction process versus a helium cycle and the H2 ecosystem, including transportation and storage.

Exploring the economic, social and environmental drivers for offshore green H2 production

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with James Abrams, Marine Engineer for ABS and Joseph Rousseau, Director of Offshore Technology for ABS, about producing H2 offshore. This discussion covers the geographical/regional differences, drivers and regulatory challenges of offshore green H2 production.

Safety and harmonized standards for the global H2 sector

In this episode, H2Tech sat down with Rich Craig, Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs for the Compressed Gas Association (CGA). The conversation covers CGA's Safe Hydrogen Project initiative, safety hazards when handling H2 and the future of industry standards when building H2-based infrastructure.

Fouling in H2 recycle gas compressors

H2 recycle compressors are used with oil refinery processing equipment, including hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, platformers and isomerization units. The hydrotreating process is similar in oil refineries and petrochemical plants like aromatic plants and upgraders. The episode addresses the risk of fouling in recycle gas compressors.

Green ammonia: A climate-friendly way to store energy

This episode examines the emerging trends relating to green ammonia and its various industrial applications. Additionally, it explores the growing technological advancements, increasing public and private investments and the rapidly decreasing cost of renewable energy generation.

Bridging the gap between renewable energy and clean H2 projects

In this episode, H2Tech speaks with Kevin Kohlstedt, Director of Business Development at Energy Shares U.S. The conversation covers renewable energy projects (e.g., wind, solar), the steps involved and coordinating these projects with green H2 hubs.

Dii Desert Energy Leadership Conference: Energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa

In this episode, H2Tech speaks with attendees of the Dii Desert Energy Leadership Conference in Cairo, Egypt, about green H2 projects and regulatory frameworks in the Middle East and North Africa region. The episode features conversations with executives from Dii Desert Energy, thyssenkrupp nucera and Shearman & Sterling.

Transitioning from diesel generators to hydrogen power units

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Andrew Cunningham, founder and CEO of GeoPura. The conversation covered hydrogen power units (HPUs), the potential of HPUs to replace diesel generators and their role in global decarbonization targets.

The future of aviation fuel: Are we on the right track?

There is no doubt that the aviation industry has revolutionized travel by significantly reducing travel times between destinations. However, with increased air travel comes additional climate effects. For example, the global aviation sector emits about 1 Btpy of carbon dioxide.

Obtaining accurate flow measurements is essential to electrolytic H2 production

Accurate accounting of a material used requires reliably accurate measurements. Suppose that a device capable of delivering such could also wirelessly transmit data on flow, mass balance, and material coming in and going out: this device would make it easier for a facility to report on water usage, costs, environmental impact and any other metric the facility is required to report.

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