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Highlights from World Hydrogen North America 2024

Tune in for a compilation of interviews and insights from World Hydrogen North America 2024 in Houston, Texas. This episode covers iridium-free catalysts from NanoGap, engineering, procurement and construction services from Samuel Engineering and producing H2 for less than a penny.

Exploring ABB's role in a Texas green H2 project

In this latest episode of H2TechTalk, Jorge Batarce provides an in-depth look at ABB’s involvement in a green H2 project in Texas. He explains the project’s focus on reducing emissions through ammonia production and its innovative use of salt caverns for H2 storage. Additionally, Jorge details how ABB is enhancing the project by designing optimal electrical architectures that boost energy efficiency.

Leveraging generative AI for industrial advancements with Francois Laborie

Francois Laborie, Executive VP at Cognite, joins us live from CERAWeek in Houston. This episode covers the impact of AI and Data Ops on industrial operations, the importance of reliable data, and the future of H2. Don't miss Francois' insights into driving efficiency and sustainability in heavy industries.

Harnessing digital tools for H2 efficiency with AspenTech®

In this episode of H2TechTalk, we interview Ron Beck and Gerardo Muñoz from AspenTech, who shed light on the digital technologies reshaping the H2 industry. They discuss AspenTech’s role in developing end-to-end digital solutions that enhance efficiency across the H2 value chain—from production through utilization. Listen as they break down how simulation and process modeling are pivotal in advancing operational excellence and sustainability in H2 projects, offering a glimpse into the future of energy systems.

Producing H2 using natural gas and microwave energy

In this episode of H2TechTalk, we sit down with Andrew Gillis, CEO of Aurora Hydrogen. Andrew shares insightful details about Aurora's unique method of producing Husing natural gas and microwave energy—a process that generates zero CO2 emissions. He explains the efficiency and potential of methane pyrolysis, especially in producing H2 for hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy freight and marine industries. Subscribe to H2TechTalk for more updates on sustainable energy solutions!

Innovating green H2 with Chad Mason of Advanced Ionics

In this episode, Chad Mason from Advanced Ionics discusses their unique water vapor electrolysis tech that merges the best of solid oxide and liquid water electrolysis, aiming to lower electricity use and support heavy industry's decarbonization. Chad also shares his views on the current H2 market and the importance of green H2 in decarbonizing industrial processes.

Live at CERAWeek: Inside 8 Rivers' revolutionary 8RH2 technology

In this episode of H2Tech Talk titled "Inside 8 Rivers' Revolutionary 8RH2 Technology," host Tyler Campbell welcomes Damian Beauchamp, president and chief development officer of 8 Rivers. Damian discusses the CERAWeek experience, their 8RH2 system used to produce H2 for ammonia creation and carbon sequestration.

Live at CERAWeek: Insights on the ever-changing H2 landscape

Live from CERAWeek 2024, this episode features an interview with Catherine Robinson, Executive Director of Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Gas at S&P Global. Catherine's insights into H2 and renewable gas take a look back at the changes in the past year and how we can forecast emerging trends.

Green H2 breakthrough with Honeywell UOP's catalyst coated membrane

This episode of H2TechTalk features Kevin Quast from Honeywell UOP, who introduces cutting-edge catalyst coated membrane (CCM) technology, a key driver in advancing green H2 production. Kevin explains how this technology enhances electrolyzer efficiency while minimizing the use of precious metals. We also discuss Honeywell's strategy for fostering a H2-based economy and the significant implications for renewable energy and industrial applications.

H2: Earth’s next great energy source?

In this episode of H2TechTalk, we delve into the potential of hydrogen as a key player in the future of sustainable energy. Drawing from the December 2023 issue of H2Tech, we explore the advancements, challenges and innovations in H2 technology, highlighting its role as a clean, abundant energy source capable of significantly reducing global carbon emissions. Subscribe and share to stay updated with the cutting-edge of H2 innovation and sustainable solutions.

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